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Death Has No Remorse is an upcoming Bond movie and will be the first to star Jason Statham as James Bond.

After preventing a suicide bombing in Japan,Bond learns of a plot to poison the water supply of Britain in order to make them pay for their capitalistic ways. M sends Bond to Venezuela where he meets Oswaldo Navarro the CEO of Navarro Corp. After finding out Oswaldo Navarro plans to poison Britain's water supply it is up to him to put a stop to it.

James Bond[Jason Statham] A man who has the witticisms of Connery and Moore's bond but the cunning of Craig's bond.

Oswaldo Navarro[Jordi Molla] the main villain of the series and a member of the Red Vanguards. He plots to poison Britain's water supply with anthrax to make them give up their captialistic ways. He also owes Navarro Corp a pharmaceutical corporation.

Dr.Francesca Dent[Stephanie Szostak]A member of the Red Vanguards who is secretly working for the CIA undercover and aids Bond in his missions. She is the main Bond Girl.

Akiko Kazama[Hiroyuki Sanada] The second in command of Oswaldo Navarro and has a permanent grudge over Bond.

Carlito Rubio[Marco Aponte]A former member of the Red Vanguards who acts as Bond's liaison.

M[Malcolm Mcdowell]-James Bond's boss.

Q[Christoph Waltz]The one who gives Bond his gadgets.