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Character information
Role: Villain, Boss
Occupation: Politician, Crime Boss
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Yaphet Kotto

An alternate reality version of Dr. Kananga that appears as an antagonist in the video game Agents at War. He is the de facto dictator of the Caribbean island nation San Monique and a powerful drug lord under the alias "Mr. Big". He seeks to expand his drug enterprise into Latin America and up into the United States but is blocked by a rival drug cartel run by the equally ruthless Franz Sanchez operating out of the Republic of Isthmus. SPECTRE reaches out to Kananga through talks with Number 2 Emilio Largo to offer him support in his war with Sanchez with a secret weapon in their possession in exchange for control of another Caribbean island he has dominion over called Crab Key.