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Character information
Role: Villain, Boss
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliation: KGB (formerly)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Corey Burton

An alternate reality version of Francisco Scaramanga that appears as an antagonist in the video game Agents at War. He is the most prolific assassin the criminal underworld. An old friend of the drug baron Franz Sanchez who he aided in his rise to power in the early days who was eventually picked up and trained by the KGB who recognized his potential and became their top agent. He'd eventually quit to go freelance after being given an offer by the wealthy British businessman Auric Goldfinger that was too good to refuse. He'd become Goldfinger's go to hitman and Auric would eventually have his company make Scaramanga's trademark golden gun for him. He would take contracts with multiple other clients including the Chinese government and SPECTRE. The former of which would eventually allow him to occupy an island in their waters. Scaramanga would connect Sanchez's drug cartel with Auric Enterprises who would help him distribute his drugs in Great Britain and the United States. Scaramanga would eventually return to help Sanchez during his war for dominance of the Latin American drug trade with the San Monique based drug kingpin Dr. Kananga.