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Character information
Role: Villain
Occupation: Assassin
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Antonio Banderas


Francisco Scaramanga was a British national born in a traveling circus. His father was the ringmaster, a former Cuban national and his mother was a snake charmer. By the age of ten, he was part of the circus as a trick-shot pistol marksman.

Eventually the circus went to perform in the South American country of Isthmus where Scaramanga met a fellow young man who was a low level enforcer for a local drug cartel named Franz Sanchez. Seeing his skills during a show Sanchez offers him a chance to join his gang, which he does after he winds up murdering an abusive animal trainer after the man killed an elephant that had befriended Scaramanga in a rage.

The two rose through the ranks together, with Sanchez going on to become the top drug lord in the area and managed to essentially gain control of the country by getting most of its officials and law enforcers in his pocket. Scaramanga on the other hand went on to join up with government intelligence for a while in order to train but eventually becomes a freelance assassin, though was still a favorite for the use of Sanchez. He was so renown for his skill that he had made for him a golden single shot revolver that he would use on his missions. He being so cocky in his abilities and loving the challenge. He became the most expensive assassin on the market, going for one million dollars a shot. Because of their past, he is given an island off the coast of Isthmus as his hideout and getaway.