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Character information
Name: Colin Hunter
Alias(es): GoldenEye, 008 (formerly)
Eyes: Blue, Gold (cybernetic)
Hair: Brown
Role: Villain, Anti-Hero
Nationality: British
Occupation: SPECTRE operative
Chief enforcer (formerly)
00 Agent (formerly)
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Raoul Silva (formerly)
Secret Intelligence Service (discharged; formerly)
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Michael Fassbender
First Appearance: Skyfall (Film)
Last Appearance: Spectre (Film)

GoldenEye, real name Colin Hunter (also known by the prefix 008), a discharged Secret Service agent and Raoul Silva's former enforcer, was the supporting villain in the James Bond film Skyfall and Spectre, and will return in No Time to Die.


MI6 Operative[]

Colin Hunter was recruited into MI6 in 2008 and became a 00-agent when, according to a recording by M, Head of MI6: "Three years ago, while on assignment, the agent was severely wounded in an encounter with Dominic Greene, and subsequently lost the use of his right eye. Consumed with vengeance, he frequently resorts to violence and brutality, and is no longer fit for service with MI6." According to the account, when he was sent on a mission to investigate Dominic Greene, he was captured and was shot in the face by Dominic Greene himself; in particular, his right eye. After his escape, he was consumed with vengeance against Dominic Greene, and started to get sloppy with his mission assignments.

Enforcer and SPECTRE Operative[]

Three years after the incident which claimed his right eye, he is evaluated through a holographic simulation in which he is paired with James Bond to stop Raoul Silva from blowing up Fort Knox. He fails miserably, being directly responsible for the death of 007 (in the simulation, not real life), and on the charges of "inappropriate firepower use, a high bodycount and reckless brutality", is dismissed from MI6 for life.

He is then recruited by the real Raoul Silva as his enforcer. For this job, He is given a gold-hued cybernetic eye and the moniker "GoldenEye". His eye is upgraded gradually; starting with MRI vision, then an EM Hack feature, then the powerful Magnetic Polarity Shield, finally the super powerful Magnetic Induction Field.

He killed many MI6 agents in various locations around world before finally returning to London to help Raoul Silva, but choose to leave him and later joined SPECTRE.



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