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Character information
Role: Henchman, Boss
Occupation: Blofeld's Bodyguard
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Behind the scenes

An alternate reality version of Hans that appears as an antagonist in the video game Agents at War. He was trained on SPECTRE Island alongside Red Grant and was considered the second best in his class after him. That would earn him the position as the bodyguard for SPECTRE Number 1 Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He'd manage to fail to defeat Bond in a fight that would almost lead to Blofeld's capture. Leading to Blofeld offering the former manservant of the late criminal Auric Goldfinger called Oddjob the chance to join him and Hans a chance to get back into his confidence by putting them in a fight to death. After a hard fight Oddjob would wind up killing Hans by taking off his head and assuming his place at Blofeld's side.