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Character information
Name: Colin Hunter
Alias(es): QuantumEye
Rank: 008 (formerly)
Eyes: Blue (Natural eye color),
Gold (Prosthetic eye)
Hair: Brown
Height: --
Weight: --
Role: Villain, Anti-Hero
Nationality: British
Occupation: Enforcer,
Former 00 Agent
Affiliation: MI6,
Raoul Silva,
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Michael Fassbender
First Appearance: Skyfall
Last Appearance: Bond 25

QuantumEye, real name Colin Hunter (also known by the prefix 008), a discharged MI6 agent and Raoul Silva's former enforcer, was the supporting villain in the James Bond film Skyfall and will return in Bond 24 and 25.


MI6 Operative

Rogue Agent


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