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''This Character was created by [[User:Superjokertv|Superjokertv]]''.
{{James Bond Character
| name=Colin Hunter
| alias=QuantumEye
| rank= 008 (formerly)
| eyes = Blue <small>(Natural eye color)</small>,<br>Gold <small>(Prosthetic eye)</small>
| hair = Brown
| height = --
| weight = --
| known_relatives =
| age =
| nationality = [[w:c:jamesbond:Great Britain|British]]
|role=Villain, Anti-Hero
|occupation = Enforcer,<br>Former [[w:c:jamesbond:00 Agent|00 Agent]]
|affiliation=[[w:c:jamesbond:SPECTRE|SPECTRE]]<br>[[w:c:jamesbond:Secret Intelligence Service|Secret Intelligence Service]] (formerly)<br>[[w:c:jamesbond:Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem)|Raoul Silva]] (formerly)
|portrayed=Michael Fassbender
|first appearance = ''[[w:c:jamesbond:Skyfall|Skyfall]]'' (Film)
|last appearance = ''[[w:c:jamesbond:Spectre (film)|Spectre]]'' (Film)
'''QuantumEye''', real name '''Colin Hunter''' (also known by the prefix 008), a discharged Secret Service agent and [[w:c:jamesbond:Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem)|Raoul Silva]]'s former enforcer, was the supporting villain in the James Bond film [[w:c:jamesbond:Skyfall|Skyfall]] and will return in [[w:c:jamesbond:Spectre (film)|Spectre]] and [[w:c:jamesbond:Bond 25|Bond 25]].
===MI6 Operative===
===Rogue Agent===
==See also==
*[[008 (Literary)]]
*[[Colin Hunter (Robert Downey Jr.)]]
[[Category:Fanon Characters]]
[[Category:00 Agent]]
[[Category:Quantum members]]

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