Any definition is a limitation. No words or terms can convey this. Therefore, let it remain without any words and definitions.
~ About Shinji/The Doctor and The Beyonders
Doctor Who ?!
~ The greatest mystery of the universe

Personality[edit | edit source]

(None of the below is real... Only an Illusion)

In general shinji's personality is the same as in canon Neon Genesis Evangelion

also shinji's personality can be condiered is the same as Franklin Richards from From Marvel Comics (Shinji is Franklin Richards from world of anime), Elaine Belloc(From DC Comics)(Who is Also Franklin Richards Type Of Character), TBA

for example Just like Franklin Shinji uses his powers only in extrime cases (such as multiversal apocalypse, Masami Eiri Becoming all powreul being, etc) and istend uses his mind to solve the problems (such as other character of his type such as (Batman, Iron Man, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards Etc, Also for example Shinji Lives just like Franklin Richards lives (who appers to be just normal Franklin Ricards and and student in his normal life he is in truth (Franklin Richards (witch includes being (Franklin Richards from From Marvel Comics, Beyonder from marvel comics, God Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40,000, The Doctor from Doctor Who. (A science fiction TV Series from BBC), all Super Genius from Marvel and Dc Comics, One-Above-All from From Marvel Comics from etc (list has not end),Also Shinji Has Same TV Tropes as Franklin Richards), Also Just like Franklin Richards Shinji is Сompletley self-sufficient (such as (he knwns how to to cook, etc (Do all things on this own) etc (Shinji is Franklin Richards in All things)

Also perosnality of shinji is very similar to that of his sister lain (also Shinji just as smart as she is and franklin Richards)

Shinji is franklin Richards also just like franklin Richards Shinji is embodiment of franklin Richards

In all other Aspects shinji is also the same as franklin Richards, Also Just like franklin Richards Shinji is Eternaly franklin Richards.

Shinji is Franklin Richards, Shinji is Franklin Richards, Shinji is Franklin Richards, Shinji is Franklin Richards, Shinji is Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards, Franklin Richards, Franklin Richards, Franklin Richards, Franklin Richards, all thigns are bettar if they have franklin richards,

Just like franklin Richards Shinji Despite all his powers Shinji is still a Franklin RIchards and thus mostly wishes to have fun, learn and be with his friends and family. Also Shinji is Just like Franklin Richards in tems of age

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